Sunday, December 26, 2010

You know you are old when...

You and your beau get a filing cabinet for Christmas, and it's the best thing ever! :)
Now on to NS for Mr. M's family Christmas. Wish me luck driving!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


That I will desperately try and blog more in the new year!

There, I have written it down. Now I have to at least follow through a little bit…Maybe. Hahahahaha. No seriously, I will.
Ok, so for the past little while I have been sick with throat things, head stuff, and nose troubles. I also have a lot of random things going wrong with my insides. I’m praying that the new year brings me some good health!

December has brought: an ugly Christmas sweater party, an in-laws Christmas party, early Christmas with Dad (He’s going away), Christmas concert with the daycare kids, crazy hours at work, crazy chopping trips, first time in our home Christmas decorations, my hubby’s Christmas dinner and dance, some of our friends coming home from Afghanistan, a huge increase in alcohol intake, and various other crazy Christmas happenings. I LOVE IT. I love Christmas and everything about it.
I probably won’t blog again till New Years, but I could be wrong. Leaving today in a couple of hours to go to my Mommy’s house for the first part of Christmas!

Love to you bloggers.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some "He's home tomorrow" & a side of "I'm vain, F*&%"

Mr. M comes home tomorrow evening! So the house is close to being clean...RIGHT! HA! So not clean. I AM working on it though. Those close to me do not believe me, but I'm not lying. Really. Really.

Anyway! I just watched the movie Jennifer's Body with Meaghan Fox. It was actually more dark humour making fun of horror movies than scary. Which I am glad for, since I have one more night alone...dun dun duuuuhhhhh. 

I also realized today, as I was staring in the mirroir, that I am totally vain!! My mom always used to make fun of me for looking in the mirroir all the time. Mr. M does now, as well as a few friends. It's not like I'm staring in the mirroir thinking to myself -

"Oh. M. G. Look at that hot piece of ass right there. What a gorgeous human being I am. They should make a friggen statue of me. WHY HAVEN'T THEY?!"

It's more like -

"Oh. M. G. I need to tighten that thing up asap & Does it really actually look like that!? WHY HAS NO ONE GIVEN ME A PAPER BAG to put over my hideous face?!"

Ok. Well, not quite that bad. I have a lot of people call me skinny. Well, that's all good and fine, but skinny people have insecurities too

Well, now that I have bestowed some of my wisdom on you, you can go away a better person for knowing this.

I think I should probably go to bed. I am sorry for yelling at you.
Love to you boggers.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas & housewifeness

It is SNOWINGGGGG! I love the snow. I do. Even if I have to wipe it off, or shovel it, or get it down my shirt. I love it. This time of year is so warm and loving. Brings me happy feelings - get your mind out of the gutter.

So, today I watched 2 Star Wars movies. Then put on the fireplace channel, some christmas tunes, and cleaned! Yes, cleaned. I got the kitchen and living room done, so tomorrow bathroom & bedroom.

Now I'm making some supper and waiting for the live Grinch to come on!! Whoop! :)

Mr. M had a birthday a few days ago but he is out in the field as I said in the last post. So when he gets home next week he said all he wants is a clean house. Ha ha ha... ahhhh. Goodness. So, I'm working on that. I'm also going to get him an ice cream cake! This is me trying to be a housewife.

It's onnnnn! & Food is readyyyy.

Love to you bloggers.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Since Tuesday (of LAST week)

Ever Since Tuesday I have been FANTASIC.

I was feeling kind of blah since my beau is in the field. BUT on TUESDAY it all changed. I had my second burlesque class done by this amazing lady (NB area). It is so much fun!! Makes you feel super sassy and fun and she is so easy to work with. G. and I have a ball!
Then on Wednesday I went to Snooty's with some new girlfriends that are not army wives which is kind of nice.

Thursday I got to see my man for 2 hours! Whoop! Then G. and I went to town and bought some things.

Friday I went to the base ThankGodIt'sFriday with G. you get free food and the chance to win gift certificates! I won a 25$gift certificate from Home Depot! Bam! Then we decided we we needed to dance. So we went back to town to pick up some last minute things and I decided to buy an amazing straightener called Amika. I'm in love. After that we danced the night away while ignoring creepy army guys at a local bar. It's more fun than it sounds.

Saturday I had my photoshoot which G. joined me at! It went fantastic!

Sunday I had a day of rest, then a night at the movies with G. (Who I clearly spend too much time with.) I got a text during "Due Date" (Which is fricken HILARIOUS) and surprise! Mr. M was at home on my doorstep. He got to come in since he had an important inspection at his other job. (Which he passed with flying colors!! So Proud.)

Monday, well, nothing & that's ok, ha ha.

Then today, Doctor's app. so I can finally find out what is wrong with me! After that I had dinner with my mommy. As well as Burlesque class. Good day.

Now on to being excited about tomorrow night.

Much love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

In all honesty.

I'm extremely anxious about something & That's all I can say about that.
If you know, you know, if you don't you never will.



On a brighter note! I am loving my crafty little self.

 Snowflake Craft I just started tonight.

2 Snowmen done of 6. I love them.

Yesterday I had a fantastic day! I hung out with two long lost sorority sistas and very good friends. My friend L. and I traveled an hour to see a dear friend in a neaby city. We attended a Remembrance Day Ceremony that was PACKED. It was awesome, we couldn't even sit down. Being a military fiance it made me so proud of him and to be in this crazy military life. <3 He he.


This weekend I'll be going out to my Mommy' house. She is my hairdresser and I'm in dire need.
It'll also be early Christmas on my Dad's side, since my Nan goes to Florida for the next 6ish months. So I'm pretty pumped.

It's 1:12 am. I should really go to bed. This is what happens when Mr. M goes to the field. He is there till next Thursday. So only a few more days. :)

Do you like the new look?
Button coming soon.

Goodnight Bloggers,

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo! Halloween 2010

Hello Spooks and Goblins!

Halloween this year was much more quiet than my usual. Another sign of my impending oldness.
A little witch and pirate just showed up at my door! It's my first time handing out candy.
Ok, back to Halloween activities.
Holy children at the door! Haven't had a moment to type.
Friday night - Decided at 8 o'clock at night that we'd go to a friends to celebrate then out to the sketchy base bar. Mr. M was an extreme sports guy and I was a pirate.

My friend and co-worker Ginny.

Saturday - We had a movie and relaxing day. <3 We did nothing that night! I painted snowmen, ha ha.

I am becoming more like my mother everyday, haha.

Today - Cleaning day! Then we got ready for the kiddies to come. Now that is exactly what we are doing. :)
Also, it SNOWED today.

Tried to take a picture of the snow.


I jut bought this at a shop dowtown. I love him. 

Now back watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks (A fav from my childhood!) and handing out candy! We've had 60 kids so far!

Love, Tmo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpin Carving

I love pumpkin carving. I have no idea why. It just reminds me of a simpler time when everyting about living as an adult was a mystery and I didn't even think of bills, work, or stress. Ah yes. A simpler time.
Tonight we carved our pumkins into an owl and a thor helmet. Can you guess which on I did? Come on now, I did the helmet. Ok, you got me, the owl. :)

Aren't we talented?

Love, Tmo

Friday, October 22, 2010

Life is loverly.

Hi all.
Sorry for the long time away. Been quite busy. Here are short updates...

-Mr. M is back from Newfieland. <3

-We had Thanksgiving at mine and Mr. M's house, with my rents, his rent, and some siblings. 8 in all. It went actually very well. Nice having family around.

-I have begun searching for schools...looking like Makeup Course or Events and Promotions Management. I can not work in a daycare forever.

-I am going to the Dominican in a little less than 6 months for a friends wedding! PUMPED.

-Mr. M and I went to a possible Reception venue & booked a temp spot!

-I still need a costume for Halloween!!

-Mr. M and I are passing out candy this year! I live on a base so there are TONS of kiddies that walk around. A co-worker a couple of streets over had 275 last year.

-I am going to the in-laws this weekend.

-Wedding planning is going splendid, but keep in mind I'm starting early on mine!

-Hot tub parties (A friend of ours just bought a house that came with a huge one!) are the perfect highlight to a stressful week!

-I LOVE my new jacket! A wicked find at a boutique store downtown.

-I love my IBX girls, you can follow our sorority on twitter here.

-I get my pole on Thursdayyyyy!! Yayyyy! So going to help tone me up for Dominican.

My new coat. <3

Our Thanksiving cuteness. Mr. M and I rock at hosting.

That's all she wrote! <3

Monday, October 4, 2010

Early Shift & Tired Thoughts

It is 6:30 am. Normally when I get off work at 12 I do housework or something productive. Today, I am sick. Therefore, I am coming home, eating soup, and putting my sweet bum right back to bed. I hate being sick.

Mr. M also seems to be going to be home by this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I owe you gals one if it works. Why don't you write something down I can cross my fingers for you for?


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's officially my Birthdayyyy

I am turning twenty-two. Which is so weird to me. I feel old, but I also feel so young. Ha ha. Stuck in the middle I suppose. My status on facebook currently says: Well, hello there 22. Twenty-one brought me: Deployment, rockclimbing, Christmas happiness, Scuba cert., moving in together, new kitty, Jamaica, new friends, old friends & concert, photoshoots, an engagment, and so many memories! So go ahead 22, surprise me. ♥

I'm so excited for 22. I imagine it'll be amazing and full of more lessons and memories... So many. I have definitely learned my fair share of things this year. Done a lot of growing up. Here are some things I'll share:

*You have to stay true to yourself, no matter what people may think.
*Not everyone likes you, and that's ok.
*Your true friends are always going to be there, no matter what.
*When in doubt, overdress.
*Wine is always a good option and Vodka Rockstars.
*You will inevatibly stay up till 4 in the morning if you drink said Rockstar.
*If someone loves you enough, everything will eventully be ok. If not better than before.
*Blogging is harder than I thought.

I have been actually having a great time while Mr. M has been mia. Went to my Aunt's wedding friday night then made a random decision to go to a Lady Gaga themed party with my sorority. I had an amazing time and ended up going out the next night as well. Which is different from my current lifestyle. I like it every now and then though.

Tomorrow I am going to kareoke night with a good friend of mine. I am so glad that I'm actually doing something for my birthday. I did have plans ith Mr. M, but he's helping out in Newfounland (hurricane Igor).
o00o0o, guess what? Remember when I took pole dancing classes? Well, my instructor is moving to Toronto so she is selling off her amazng poles for half price! I am getting one. I am so pumped because it is such a great workout! Let you know more later!

Can't wait to dance and sing tomorrow night!
(Thank you to myself, clearly not as classy as my idol.)

(thank you google images)

Ok, time to hit the hay. <3
Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

22 days later...

Not so hot anymore! It's COLD! Hellloooooo Autumn...
So this cold brought on hurricane Igor, which wrecked a little havoc on Newfoundland. So Mr. M has to go help since that is part of what the army does. I'm being a little selfish, because I really don't want him to go. The tour is a little too fresh for me and I feel my state of mine will not co-oporate with a couple of weeks of him gone. I assume once he leaves I'll be ok, but right now it's a little much.

I will keep myself busy and eventually he'll be back, then he'll go again, come back, then go again, then it'll be Christmas.


He's going to miss my birthday. :(

LA - di - Daaaa.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Will it ever end?

Again - 32*C - feels like 39. It's only 1:30. I need to clean my little bungalow but my god I can barely muster the energy to type in this heat. On the plus side, once I've done the living room and kitchen I can finish in the bedroom which I have closed the door too and BLASTED the wonderful, beautiful, heavenly Air Conditioner. *sigh* I do not know how I could have survived this heat wave without it...really. Vultures would probably be circling the sky above my house, just waiting for me to finally succumb to the heat. Ok...on to happier things.

My birthday is coming up! :) Sept. 30th, which is on a Thursday. So I think that Friday Mr. M and I are going bowling (because I love bowling and he never takes me, as I always beat him), then pretty room at a hotel, get all dressed up, and eat supper at the restaurant. That's all I want this year. I am pretty sick of going out and would much prefer bowling. I think that I'm beginning to show signs of age. Although, I'm only turning 22. He he.

Speaking of going out, I went out a couple of weekends ago with an old friend. I had a great time in the beginning but was crying at the end of the night. The clubs are just toxic (and not the terrible song by Brittany Spears, yes I just watched the whole thing -  for me. I love dancing and drinking and having a good time, but I think I love it too much. I need my Mr. M with me, or a good group of girls that have men too so we can all be bitches together and tell the boys to get lost. I am nice, which sometimes doesn't get me far in life. Believe me, I have changed when it comes to how shy I used to be, but I'm still the same sweet girl I have always been. I get hurt easily and don't take well to confrontation or having people be angry with me. It's hard to not care, but I'm definitely working on that.

As for the old friend, she's still a very, very good friend who I love and will stand up or any day and I miss her terribly, but we are in different places. - Literally and figuretively.

Oh my, guess I should get to work. I can't wait to clean the bedroom, *drool* COLD AIR!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More heat!

Not only the weather either, this season of Vampire Diaries looks HOT!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot, hot, hot.

So hot today! 38 with the humidex. I'm looking forward to going to bed in my air-conditioned bedroom! Loooove. <3 Bed with my fiancee, soon. Think I'll go crack open another new Bridal mag. Yes...I have a problem. :) t-hehe.

Love, Tmo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


just laying in bed, trying out this Blogger app :)
wouldn't be able to type very much.
well, goodnight, write tomorrow!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Gossip Girl - Oh Mon Dieu! & NEW JOB!

September 13th - Gossip Girl get together? Wait...does anyone else like this show, or am I just a loser? :)


I got the position for teacher in the Junior Afterschool Room! I'll be all by myself able to plan my own craftsand things! I'm so excited! I've been at my job for a year so good thing really do come to those who wait! Whoop!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camping, pageants, and diving...oh my!

Sooooo, last weekend was spent having an amazing time with 2 of my sorority sisters, one funny guy, and three more visitor friends PLUS a whole bunch of alcohol. It t'was a fantastic time. I also got a new hat, which I like very much, you can see it directly below.

I have been a little stressed lately, but the good in my life by far outweighs it. :)

I am loving Pretty Little Liars!! & The Real World. They entertain me at the moment.

My hunny is in bed, he's a tired boy lately. He's been helping instruct on a Dive Prelim and has to do crazy workouts with them. So it's like a 10K run then swimming halfway to the next city, then all this stuff in between!

Hmmm, what else has been going on in my life? Oh! I'm going to my Hometown tomorrow night because my sister is in the pageant! I won it in 05, so I'm so proud of her for going into it. Not because I want her to win, I just want her to have the experience I did of doing something fun with your friends. I also gained a WHOLE bunch of confidence from it. I used to be very shy in highschool, but through grade 11 and 12 I changed a lot.

I'll tell you sometime. I need Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am pumped!
Work, Photoshoot, Work, then Camping & the weekend!
I am leaving Mr. M to go camping on Friday night, and I am very excited. He is too, because he gets to play Halo without me bothering him :) T-hehehe.
I need to get some clothes ready for tonight's shoot, and finish getting ready for work! I need to stop spending so much time on the internet. It's going to make me late.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too many.

Bridal Magazines.
They are taking over my house!
I keep getting ones from newly married at work and I also bought a whole bunch.
I am hereby banning myself for at least 3 months, till the Fall one comes out. T-hehehe.

Well, this weekend I was supposed to go to N.S. but now it looks like it's a no go. So, now I'm looking at a bonding weekend with the fiancee. There is something I could attend, but I'm not sure yet...We'll see. You know how you want to go to something but you're scared it's going to be super akward. But in reality it might actually be fun and you'll regret it if you don't go.

There was a summer I didn't go to a lot of things because I was always hanging with my guy. Then he broke up with me for a month and a realized what an asshole of a friend I had been. Balance is so hard to acheive sometimes for me. I'm working on it. :)

My kitten Gus is eating my hair, he's super adorable though, so I don't mind. <3

Well, off to work I go.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovely Long Weekend + A Tiny Rant

Beautiful long weekend! Friday night Mr. M and I stayed at the lake and woke up to find a already super hot sunny day outside. Then off to my Mommy and her guy's annual party. They have a pool, a band, and half of my town come out. It's always a good time. Sunday was a lazy day at home for us. Monday we escaped to the beach in a city an hour and a half away with some friends. Overall, great long weekend.

In other news, I'm apparently a terrible person. For a person who does not enjoy drama or conflict I have had way too much of it lately. Over nothing. Sometimes people think they have the whole story, but they don't. I had a good laugh over the fact that I got told I "no longer talk to a friend of mine" when I do and my "fiancee is a prick" which I have never been told in my life. So, if he is, can my friends please alert me immediately. I refuse to be engaged to a prick. Who am I kidding? I love my Mr. M the Prick.

This is the last you'll hear of this, since I have moved past it rather fast and it made me laugh more than it made me mad.

However, if you do think badly of me for whatever reason don't just ignore me, at least tell me why you are.


Back to living happily in my non-drama life. & a 4 day work week this week! Hell ya!

By the way - I realize my last post was on the verge of being absolutely pathetic. Please forgive me. I have come to realize it's not the amount of friends you have, it's the quality. I was just used to having a crazy amount of friends.

Now off to work, then photoshoot tonight!


Sunday, August 1, 2010



I recently came to realize there are things being said about me that are not

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I feel sad.

I have a pretty sweet life and everything is almost perfect.
Except forthe fat I have no girlie-esque friends.
I miss people.
I know, this is sad.
The rest of my life is pretty perfect.
I had some wine, that's all.
I still love life.
I just wanna dance.


Friday, July 23, 2010

I know, I know.

I'm busy ok! And I had a bladder infection and thought I was on my deathbed. Seriously, do not mess around if you have

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So, my life is going really quite well. It's hard for me to post on what's actually going on right now, so I won't. I will say Mr. M and I are doing great, so it's not us. We're still in love and engaged.

Moving on to happy Jamaica pictures! Yay!

It was beautiful there. Absolutly perfect.

Now time to go to work. Bleck.

Love, Tmo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I said Yes last Sunday

To the man I've been with for a little over three years.
I'm Engaged! & So Excited.

Going to Jamaica not tomorrow but the next morning at 7:00 am.

I love life.

Won't be writing for a bit...
Shout out to RoRo.
You're making it in the city! You Go Girl!


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Flight Delayed by 24 hours.
Tomorrow night now.
(Sorry for the language, but I feel so very angry at this happening.)

Mr. M called me at 3:00am, being woken up at this time of night coupled with the news kind of made me cry super hard. I realized this morning my window was open. fml.

On the brighter side - It's only a day away, which is not a month or week, just a day. I can do a day. I have done over 200 days so far, What's one more?


Saturday, May 22, 2010


He comes home in 24 FRIGGEN HOURS!

This is totally me right now.
(At least it would be if I were in an empty field of dandilions right now, oh...and I looked like her.)

I kicked tour's ass. I rock. I am strong. I am ... Wonderwoman.
(Well, kind spirit. I sadly have no super powers. Except for my power of awesomeness, no big.)


Monday, May 17, 2010


Till my hunny comes home from Deployment!
Like OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, this is almost overrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I am happy. excited. in love. anxious. impatient. thankful. stressed.
So many complicated feelings, but first and foremost - Excited and Happy! (Of course)

I have 38 hours this week at work and, as I usually only have 25, I am stressed about getting this place organized of my things before he comes home and needs to move his stuff in from his Mom's, where its stored. My mommy is coming this Friday night till Saturday afternoon to help me organize, I think. Which would be great.

 It is currently almost 9:00pm, and I feel the need to watch Gilmore Girls and organize. Wish me luck.
Love to you all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awkward Turtle Butterflies

Hiya Bloggersss.

I am trying to work with this terrible internet connection that I am currently stealing borrowing from a fellow neigbour. It fails at being a wireless connection. I need to go to bed very soon since I work a split and then drive to my Mommy's tomorrow! Which is a 45 minute drive, not terrible, just not fun after a long day. I am looking forward to being out there for a weekend. I will get fed!


I have no stove. It kind of just plain sucks sometimes. I'm getting used to it though. I stupidely bought a McCain frozen pizza that I know can't eat, knowing I did not have a stove. I have no idea why.

This little home is incredibly chaotic looking at the moment, but I still love it. It makes my tummy fill with pretty butterflies full of happy. This is metaphoricle. I do not consume butterflies, though I would for like 1000$. Anyway, we are off topic.

Little home = topic.

I have nothing else to say about that actually. Hummm, so this is awkward...
Uh, so...yah, goodbye?


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Housewife has Landed


Life is wonderful right now.

It is weird to be in this pmq, but loverly, all at the same time. I have deorated a tiny bit, just to make it feel kind of home-e. I can't do much though, a lot of our stuff is at Mr. M's Mommy's in another province. Blast. Oh well, only a few days after he gets home and we will be traveling up there.

I am content.

A boy knocked on the door during this wonderful, hot, and sunny day and offered to mow the lawn. Um, YES! It's like the thought of that happening walked out of my head and into reality. I was wondering earlier today how to locate an adolescent lawn mower, and he walked up to my door mere hours later. Oh happy day.
Ummm, I have to work tomorrow, so I need to sleeeeep. I had a long day of moving. Only a stove left now to find and I shall!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

hiatus for a tiny bit!

I will not be blogging for a little bit as... I AM MOVING! YESSSSSSSSS. PMQ IN THE AM MOFOS!
I'm a tinsy tiny bit excited. I have to go finish packing now.
LOVE to you bloggers.
Ps. Roro, the updates on my life will continue, promise, but where are your updates?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diving Pictures

Sandy Cove

last dive, all together

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A whole new wooooorllllld. 16ft.

Hello blogger world. Today I visited a whole new world called "open water diving in the ocean" Oh My God. It was amazing, damn cold, but amazing. Your face feels like little needles are pricking you, it's that cold. Once I actually started swimming out a little I was so distracted by the little hermit crabs, fish, moving seaweed. Everything was super neat! It's hard to even explain.

We arrived at about 9:30 then began to get ready. We had to do weight checks to see if we had enough weight to get us down. I was good, but a few people had to add more weight, so we ended up having to go back in to warm up for a bit. Then Amy and I went out for our first open water dive! It was pretty awesome down there. Back up to the surface for an hour and  half to let the nitrogen ebb out of our bodies a bit and warm up.

Back down for the second dive with 4 of us this time, Amy, Dan, Dave, and I. It was pretty sweet, bit cold the second time, had some trouble with boyouncy on the way back up, but nothing too difficult to handle.

Back home to shower, then out to the split crow for some food and a well deserved Keiths! Two more dives tomorrow so I gotta get to bed!

Goodnight bloggers, love!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breath in, breath out, breath i - OMG a fridge!!

I have a happy post now. I own a fridge! Going to pick it up on the 30th, for 200.00, down from 250.00. I haggled damnit. I am wonderwoman. Also, Checkout Dive this weekend! Oh hell yes, I feel good about myself again. I will go from this:
To this:

I am pumped, to say the least.

Going wayyyy back to this post in which I write out a list of things I want to accomplish while he is gone. Here it is -

The Deployment List

-Excersise, feel good about my body again *Check, getting back into it in May fulltime.
-Get back into scrapbooking * Only a little, there is no room in people's places, I feel in the way when I do.
-Friends! * Check! Jo's on weekends, still staying in touch with others!
-Try rockclimbing! * Check, got my lead course in it.
-Journal -so I don't go crazy. * Check, almost every night.
-Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel - Him being back, living together, and this (hopefully)not happening again. * Check, it's s close.
-Care packages for my babe! * Only one :( I hope it gets to him on time!!

I did all that, but I also did:

-Scuba Dive Course
-Pole Dancing classes
-Made memories with friends
-Gained some close friendships, some best friends that I hope to surround myself with aways, in some way!
-Began part time modeling
-Went to see an old Bff and a concert of a band I love.
-2 Bacheloette parties!
-Visited my family
-Celebrated mine and Mr. M's 3 year anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend.
-Had many breakfasts at our local fav
-Spent many weekends with two of my favs
-Moved out of a home I had so desperately moved into, into a newly married couple's pmq
-Finding appliances and getting ready to move into pmq on April 30th, 2010! 6 Days!
-BEEN POSITIVE, which I think is my biggest accomplishment.
-Booked a trip to Jamaica for the beau and I

This is one of those pinnacle times in my life where I am truly proud of myself. I feel great about what I am doing in my life. Sure there are speedbumps, but they are just bumps. Not giant craters in the road. I feel content. When my beau gets home I shall reach a new stage of happiness.

Cloud 10.

Goonight Bloggers, I love you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sigh. I don't usually have days lately where I sit and do nothing. Today I worked from 8 til 12:30, then...nothing. I did absolutely nothing all day. Scratch that, I called to get house insurance, then did nothing all day. It's odd because I didn't like it, which I usually love to sit and do nothing. Lately I'm anxious, I have a lot to do so I shouldn't of just sat and did nothing. Barrrrrg. Also, I'll tell you a secret...I cried today. I couldn't tell you the last time I cried. My boyfriend's in Afghanistan and I can't tell you the last time I've cried, I have got to be the weirdest person I know. I just don't let myself. I'm too busy to cry. I have a headache too and I feel sick, I should really go to bed.

Ohohohoh! First - I recently went to a Hedley concert and visited my bff in Halifax! It was an amazing weekend and definitely something I needed! I bought the dress I think I'm going to wear when Mr. M comes home, which is incredibly soon! I bought a print of a painting of the Harbour for our bathroom too!
PMQ in 8 days! I am so excited, and I wasn't too stressed until today. I am having trouble finding a fridge and a stove, I'm not super worried yet though. I will survive, I've made it this far.

My mom recently wrote me a sort of scared me I guess. She talks about money issues
and how I need to be independant. How she's worried about what happened last time Mr. M and I moved in together...we broke up, but got back together a month later. It's different this time though, we are older, wiser, more mature in our arguments. Everyone fights about money, it's how you go about the fighting that matters. Ug. I need sleep.

This was a lot of complaining, I am sorry. I need sleep and a good day tomorrow then I'll give this blog a happy post.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My friend RoRo recently posted a countdown post. I happen to be an uber fan of countdowns right now, I was tentivly counting down before, but now I have so many! An excert from a message to Mr. Miller:
"Love you!!! 9 days till 3 years! :)

18 days till I'm a certified diver!!!!!!

23 days till pmq!!!!!!!!!!
47ish days till you see my pretty face!!!!!!!!!!"
I have many more though. I am so busy. Here is my timeline:
This weekend - Ball
16th to 18th - Hedley Concert in Hali!
24th to 23rd - Checkout Dive weekend in Hali.
30th to 1st - PMQ bungalo!!! MOVING ON UP!
8th & 9th of May - Jo's place/Moncton to outlet stores?
15th May - Shoot (modeling)
22nd & 23rd - last weekend before he's home/Jo's/ getting pmq home-e!
 AND for all the rest of April Tuesday and Thursday are dive classes, I also need to pack, go to gym, work, and find appliances! Oh my goodness. Hahahaha! I AM busy. It's good though!
I had a wonderful Easter, hope you did too!\More laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Love to you Bloggers,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She’s as hard as ACDC, she gets my thunder struck

I love this song right now. That is all.

my night owl-ness is baaaaaaAAAaack.
love you all,

Monday, March 22, 2010

O.m.g. My life is insane right now. I’m just busy, a good busy. So much has happened! I’ve been to two bachelorette parties, gone out on the town a few times, entered an alternate universe (good story, you’ll never hear it, don’t ask.), saw a good friend get married, made new friends, started Scuba diving classes, realized I had a really good friend, realized the people you hate sometimes just need a chance, locked in mine and Mr. M’s PMQ (little bungalow house) for April 30th, and really experienced life I guess. I was just SO busy doing all this stuff my little blog got pushed out of my mind. I wish I could write about all those experiences but I’m not. If you were there you know, and if you weren’t, why the hell not? ;)

Now, on to my present life. Scuba diving class tomorrow night! I’m pumped! The rest of the week is gym/work week then Freddy for the weekend, of course, to Jo’s for non-drunk weekend! Dooly’s is the worst we will do! I’m stating it here.

Guess what! 38 days till PMQ is mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE!!!! Mr. M’s too, when he comes home…hehehe. Slightly excited.

Okay, that’s all I have, bedtime for this lady.
Goodnight - love, Tmo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm really tired.

I would make this an epic post, beause that's really what you people deserve, but I can't do that. I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow night!
I miss my man, I can't wait for nights in with him, in our little Q.
I have amazing friends that keep me so busy I don't even have time to blog. ;) Ha ha!


You are all so very patient. Bahaha. Ok, life just gets busy. That is my grand excuse. I will be typing you something longer tonight. I am PROMISING You.
Much love to blogger.
<3 Tmo

Friday, January 8, 2010

Order to My Life Has Returned

Truck is fixed! No more funny noises! Woooo! All moved! Woooo! Stressss is melting away...Ahhh. I took the truck to the dealer, and paid 1000$ less than silly Canadian Tire was going to charge me. I am so happy my mommy's bf told me to take it to the dealer.

I also have move into my new roomie's place. Her fiancee's place actually, but he is away training for 2 months, so it's just me and Lively hanging out. I feel so much more comfortable here, I'm so glad I made the decision to move. I am happy with myself. I am incredibly indecisive, to the point where I annoy even myself. I'm challenging myself with it though.

Once I get my Audrey Hepburn picture back I'll put up a couple shots of my room. I think it's going to be a wonderful 4 and a half month stay room to be in!

I am sad I missed craft night with M. and Plaid Guru - next time! ;)

Today I went shopping with Lively and found some fabulous outfits for my friend's engagment party. Alas, I could not decide and neither could Lively - So shopping tomorrow it is! Ha ha. We did find a cute present for the newly engaged couple! BTW -  You can read all about her newly engaged life here.

Sleepytime - Night You, Blog World, You.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clearly Someone Hates Me

Mr. M has been back in Afghanistan less that two weeks, therefore, the truck started making a funny noise. A non-ignorable type noise. Alright, can't be terrible, right? I took it to Canadian Tire, two problems: Wheel bearring & right acxle = 580$ Fine. Wait, Miss, there is a possibility we could take this apart then have a third problem. Ok. I thought that would bring it up to maybe 1000$. I was very wrong. 2400$ WHAT!? FML. So, the two first problems are fixed. The third my Mom's boyfriend is going to Canadian Tire in the morning to check on, since he's a mechanic. Bah. I hate being without a vehicle. This is why someone hates me.

I believe things come in, the day Mr. M left the police 'kindly' told us we could not take the truck to the airport since it had to be registered and safetyed, all from parking on the side of the road... while we visited friends... an hour before he left.. on boxing day. I mean come on! Mr. M ended up calling my Mom and her bf to come get me since I was supposed to take he truck home for Christmas and I was literally having an anxiety attack and could not talk at that moment. He took a cab to the airport and I sat in the driveway, in the truck. 45 minutes later I was rescued, but not before they mistakenly drove to the airport thinking I was there. They got to say goodbye to him though, that's good. The second thing is the truck nonsense. I'm hoping the third thing s something like me stubbing my toe or something, I can't handle anything bigger right now.

I am almost moved. I have a lot of clothes. You would think I would be an excellent mover, this is the 5th time I'm moving in a year. Four and a half more months till I'm in a more permanent situation, yayyyyyyy!

On a very positive note - I have some news! I received a glamorous blog award from wonderful m. over at - no hometown. Thanks so much. I too am going to try and come out of blog hiding also. Give me time, ha ha.

I also finished the 1st season of Gossip Girl. I have no idea why I love it so much! Don't judge me, please?

Bedtime - I need some beauty sleep.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

20 Favorite Possesions

My friend Plaid Guru, over at Everybody has a Fantasy, did this thing where she posted her 20 favorite possesions. I thought it was too cute and have decided to do the same! I'm a copycat. T-hehe. So here they are - this is very picture heavy - so watch out slow internet connections! It's not in any particular order.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hellooooo 2010!

It's so very odd to me that right now it's 2010. It always seemed like a far away dream, at the time Mr. M deployed, that January 2010 would even come. Yet, it's now 12:47 am, Saturday, January 2nd. Life never ceases to amaze me. I now have to get through January, February, March, April - then May 1st I'll be able to move into the cute little bungalow pmq dreamhouse. *sigh* He'll then be home sometime around the very middle of May! Four point five months more of this crazy waiting game I landed in until I get to cash in my prize of my hunny being home.
Awhile ago I wrote this list of things I wanted to accomplish while Mr. M was gone. I have, in 2 months, done all of that. So my current goal is to just keep doing what I've been doing, because it seems to be working well for me.

Blog Interrupted By:

I'm having a moment, sorry. It's harder this time around, him leaving again. He was home for his HLTA for 20 days after being gone for 2 months and letting him go again was just the worst feeling ever. He's already been gone a week...I need my routine back. There are also scary grinding noises that the truck has been making over the past two days. I'm taking it to get looked at tomorrow. Please let nothing else go wrong.
Also, 3 days ago, 4 canadian soldiers died. May they rest in peace.
Sorry for that - I'm done now.


In happy news I found a dress I had to strongly resisted the urge to get - Etsy is getting to me.

It's soooo loverly.

Loverly. Do you know what that wonderful word is from? I got it for Christmas to add to my collection! It's my new fav Audrey movie.

I need sleeeeeeep. I will write soon. I'm planning on doing a post like my dear friend Plaid Guru seen here. So watch for that!
Love to you all.