Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's officially my Birthdayyyy

I am turning twenty-two. Which is so weird to me. I feel old, but I also feel so young. Ha ha. Stuck in the middle I suppose. My status on facebook currently says: Well, hello there 22. Twenty-one brought me: Deployment, rockclimbing, Christmas happiness, Scuba cert., moving in together, new kitty, Jamaica, new friends, old friends & concert, photoshoots, an engagment, and so many memories! So go ahead 22, surprise me. ♥

I'm so excited for 22. I imagine it'll be amazing and full of more lessons and memories... So many. I have definitely learned my fair share of things this year. Done a lot of growing up. Here are some things I'll share:

*You have to stay true to yourself, no matter what people may think.
*Not everyone likes you, and that's ok.
*Your true friends are always going to be there, no matter what.
*When in doubt, overdress.
*Wine is always a good option and Vodka Rockstars.
*You will inevatibly stay up till 4 in the morning if you drink said Rockstar.
*If someone loves you enough, everything will eventully be ok. If not better than before.
*Blogging is harder than I thought.

I have been actually having a great time while Mr. M has been mia. Went to my Aunt's wedding friday night then made a random decision to go to a Lady Gaga themed party with my sorority. I had an amazing time and ended up going out the next night as well. Which is different from my current lifestyle. I like it every now and then though.

Tomorrow I am going to kareoke night with a good friend of mine. I am so glad that I'm actually doing something for my birthday. I did have plans ith Mr. M, but he's helping out in Newfounland (hurricane Igor).
o00o0o, guess what? Remember when I took pole dancing classes? Well, my instructor is moving to Toronto so she is selling off her amazng poles for half price! I am getting one. I am so pumped because it is such a great workout! Let you know more later!

Can't wait to dance and sing tomorrow night!
(Thank you to myself, clearly not as classy as my idol.)

(thank you google images)

Ok, time to hit the hay. <3
Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Hehe the B&W photo reminds me of our Barbara Ann dance :P