Friday, October 22, 2010

Life is loverly.

Hi all.
Sorry for the long time away. Been quite busy. Here are short updates...

-Mr. M is back from Newfieland. <3

-We had Thanksgiving at mine and Mr. M's house, with my rents, his rent, and some siblings. 8 in all. It went actually very well. Nice having family around.

-I have begun searching for schools...looking like Makeup Course or Events and Promotions Management. I can not work in a daycare forever.

-I am going to the Dominican in a little less than 6 months for a friends wedding! PUMPED.

-Mr. M and I went to a possible Reception venue & booked a temp spot!

-I still need a costume for Halloween!!

-Mr. M and I are passing out candy this year! I live on a base so there are TONS of kiddies that walk around. A co-worker a couple of streets over had 275 last year.

-I am going to the in-laws this weekend.

-Wedding planning is going splendid, but keep in mind I'm starting early on mine!

-Hot tub parties (A friend of ours just bought a house that came with a huge one!) are the perfect highlight to a stressful week!

-I LOVE my new jacket! A wicked find at a boutique store downtown.

-I love my IBX girls, you can follow our sorority on twitter here.

-I get my pole on Thursdayyyyy!! Yayyyy! So going to help tone me up for Dominican.

My new coat. <3

Our Thanksiving cuteness. Mr. M and I rock at hosting.

That's all she wrote! <3

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