Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Inspiration...

My very own board of some things I love for my wedding! I am loving the planning process!
I have my hometown church booked, my reception booked, and my photographer and still a year and a half to go. Of course, I know I have a billion other things to do but so far no stress, all excitement.

Click the above link to view. Only way I could seem to do it?

What do you think?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goals (why not?) and random other blah blah blah

Hi there...
Long time no write.
I said I would blog more in the new year. Good start, eh?

So... Christmas was pretty good. I received some nice adult type presents. Not those kind of adult presents. More like filing cabinet, dishes for the kitchen, things of that nature. I'm actually excited about them. I have already used some of them as well. I got a pretty crystal tray with a dip bowl that I used for nachos one night we entertained!

It's now almost February and I have not really made any NYE resolutions...I did not really plan on doing that this year. However, I decided that it is sometimes nice to have things like that written down. So here goes...

*Be HEALTHY ie. work out, eat right, & all that buzziness.
*Do me things.
*Focus on the future.
*Further my education. (?)
*Be the wonderful loving person I am. :)

So, lately I have the need to try something new, just not sure what? I want something exciting. Oh life. Oh me. Oh my. Oh dear.

A credit card. Yes, that's right. I Tmo, a twenty-something woman, do NOT own a credit card. While browsing one of my fav online stores (that I have never bought from) I realized I could never own anything from said site with no gold. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. What to do?

My hubby leaves on Saturday for 2 weeks, so I'm looking forward to girly nights and some alone time.
If you want to hang with this chick calllll meeeee, f-book me, or twitter me. ;) So many ways.

I have to tell you! I have been making things!

Cherry pie, brownies, slow cooker chicken, & sheperds pie. Ok, so none of those things are very hard, but...they were for me, so give me a break.
I have been cleaning, sort of...
I'll keep working on it.