Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sigh. I don't usually have days lately where I sit and do nothing. Today I worked from 8 til 12:30, then...nothing. I did absolutely nothing all day. Scratch that, I called to get house insurance, then did nothing all day. It's odd because I didn't like it, which I usually love to sit and do nothing. Lately I'm anxious, I have a lot to do so I shouldn't of just sat and did nothing. Barrrrrg. Also, I'll tell you a secret...I cried today. I couldn't tell you the last time I cried. My boyfriend's in Afghanistan and I can't tell you the last time I've cried, I have got to be the weirdest person I know. I just don't let myself. I'm too busy to cry. I have a headache too and I feel sick, I should really go to bed.

Ohohohoh! First - I recently went to a Hedley concert and visited my bff in Halifax! It was an amazing weekend and definitely something I needed! I bought the dress I think I'm going to wear when Mr. M comes home, which is incredibly soon! I bought a print of a painting of the Harbour for our bathroom too!
PMQ in 8 days! I am so excited, and I wasn't too stressed until today. I am having trouble finding a fridge and a stove, I'm not super worried yet though. I will survive, I've made it this far.

My mom recently wrote me a sort of scared me I guess. She talks about money issues
and how I need to be independant. How she's worried about what happened last time Mr. M and I moved in together...we broke up, but got back together a month later. It's different this time though, we are older, wiser, more mature in our arguments. Everyone fights about money, it's how you go about the fighting that matters. Ug. I need sleep.

This was a lot of complaining, I am sorry. I need sleep and a good day tomorrow then I'll give this blog a happy post.

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