Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breath in, breath out, breath i - OMG a fridge!!

I have a happy post now. I own a fridge! Going to pick it up on the 30th, for 200.00, down from 250.00. I haggled damnit. I am wonderwoman. Also, Checkout Dive this weekend! Oh hell yes, I feel good about myself again. I will go from this:
To this:

I am pumped, to say the least.

Going wayyyy back to this post in which I write out a list of things I want to accomplish while he is gone. Here it is -

The Deployment List

-Excersise, feel good about my body again *Check, getting back into it in May fulltime.
-Get back into scrapbooking * Only a little, there is no room in people's places, I feel in the way when I do.
-Friends! * Check! Jo's on weekends, still staying in touch with others!
-Try rockclimbing! * Check, got my lead course in it.
-Journal -so I don't go crazy. * Check, almost every night.
-Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel - Him being back, living together, and this (hopefully)not happening again. * Check, it's s close.
-Care packages for my babe! * Only one :( I hope it gets to him on time!!

I did all that, but I also did:

-Scuba Dive Course
-Pole Dancing classes
-Made memories with friends
-Gained some close friendships, some best friends that I hope to surround myself with aways, in some way!
-Began part time modeling
-Went to see an old Bff and a concert of a band I love.
-2 Bacheloette parties!
-Visited my family
-Celebrated mine and Mr. M's 3 year anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend.
-Had many breakfasts at our local fav
-Spent many weekends with two of my favs
-Moved out of a home I had so desperately moved into, into a newly married couple's pmq
-Finding appliances and getting ready to move into pmq on April 30th, 2010! 6 Days!
-BEEN POSITIVE, which I think is my biggest accomplishment.
-Booked a trip to Jamaica for the beau and I

This is one of those pinnacle times in my life where I am truly proud of myself. I feel great about what I am doing in my life. Sure there are speedbumps, but they are just bumps. Not giant craters in the road. I feel content. When my beau gets home I shall reach a new stage of happiness.

Cloud 10.

Goonight Bloggers, I love you.

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