Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Since Tuesday (of LAST week)

Ever Since Tuesday I have been FANTASIC.

I was feeling kind of blah since my beau is in the field. BUT on TUESDAY it all changed. I had my second burlesque class done by this amazing lady (NB area). It is so much fun!! Makes you feel super sassy and fun and she is so easy to work with. G. and I have a ball!
Then on Wednesday I went to Snooty's with some new girlfriends that are not army wives which is kind of nice.

Thursday I got to see my man for 2 hours! Whoop! Then G. and I went to town and bought some things.

Friday I went to the base ThankGodIt'sFriday with G. you get free food and the chance to win gift certificates! I won a 25$gift certificate from Home Depot! Bam! Then we decided we we needed to dance. So we went back to town to pick up some last minute things and I decided to buy an amazing straightener called Amika. I'm in love. After that we danced the night away while ignoring creepy army guys at a local bar. It's more fun than it sounds.

Saturday I had my photoshoot which G. joined me at! It went fantastic!

Sunday I had a day of rest, then a night at the movies with G. (Who I clearly spend too much time with.) I got a text during "Due Date" (Which is fricken HILARIOUS) and surprise! Mr. M was at home on my doorstep. He got to come in since he had an important inspection at his other job. (Which he passed with flying colors!! So Proud.)

Monday, well, nothing & that's ok, ha ha.

Then today, Doctor's app. so I can finally find out what is wrong with me! After that I had dinner with my mommy. As well as Burlesque class. Good day.

Now on to being excited about tomorrow night.

Much love,

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