Thursday, December 29, 2011

Engagement Photo Love

Got these done by the lovely Trina Broomfield of Studio Edge Photography 
I love them so much!
I love him so much. 

I made them smaller so I didn't have so much loading time on a whole bunch of pictures. T-he. 
Also, This is only a few of my favs, there are more lovelies!

Our Reception Site! Eeeeee!

Can't believe I'm getting married this year.

I'll put more up soon...
Much love,

Regret & Acceptance

Life has a way of telling you to slow down in small ways, as in, stop and smell the flowers. Then sometimes life, or whatever you believe in, decides to throw a big event in every now an again to stop you in your tracks and think. Take stock of your daily grind. Are you doing what you want? Do you spend enough time with those you love and who love you? Have you been running through your life in order to get to the next event?

A friend passed away after a car accident a couple days ago, she was 25, bright, beautiful & genuine. She was my big sister in the sorority I am a part of. It is over 4 years since I've seen her last but we had talked on Facebook from time to time in order to catch up. I regret not doing that more.

I cried when I found out, which isn't surprising, as I'm an emotional person. What was surprising was how much I have thought about my whole life in the following days. I'm happy, but I still have so much I want to accomplish...

It's scary to think our lives can end so quickly. It is weighing on my mind, the way I process things is very slow. It takes me time to "get over" things, accept, move past, let go of, you know?

I have a lot of happy things happening in my life soon. I need to remember to be grateful of them and truly experience them to the fullest. Use this dark life event to appreciate my sunny ones.

Much love,

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas blogger world! 
It has been a fabulous year for me, and I hope for you too!
See you in the new year!
Much Love,

Ps. I'll post photos in early January of the loverly present (that I have dreamed about for 2 years!) from my Mom and Stepdad! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Happiness

I have a sincere and deep love for the Alabama Christmas CD. Don't judge.

My childhood flashes before my eyes when I hear the songs from their CD. I love Christmas so much. I need to decorate though and haven't found the time to do it. I bought the cutest little reindeer holding a sign in NS this past weekend. I'll post a picture soon. That is sitting out on my step. We also managed to buy some presents too, can't wait to wrap those up! 
Well, I must go get ready for class. Super busy with planning the school christmas party for this Friday. 

Much Christmas Love,
Tmo xo

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bitch please.

I have a huge dislike for the girls who think they know what being an army wife is all about as well as dating one "army guy" and thinking they are all like that. I also hate that term, but it comes with the territory. If you date a guy employed by the military for a couple months you automatically think you know how hard it is, how much you guys have been through together, how you have supported him through so much. GET A CLUE. I have been with Mr. M for almost 5 years and I still learn something new every week about what it's like to live in this kind of lifestyle. We aren't even married yet for heaven's sake. I stand by him through thick and thin and he bends over backwards for me. When you love someone it doesn't matter what their job is. If you care enough to stick by them no matter what, and that goes both ways, then you are golden. Relationships are hard no matter what kind of career you have. 
Ug. Ok. End Rant.