Sunday, May 23, 2010


Flight Delayed by 24 hours.
Tomorrow night now.
(Sorry for the language, but I feel so very angry at this happening.)

Mr. M called me at 3:00am, being woken up at this time of night coupled with the news kind of made me cry super hard. I realized this morning my window was open. fml.

On the brighter side - It's only a day away, which is not a month or week, just a day. I can do a day. I have done over 200 days so far, What's one more?


Saturday, May 22, 2010


He comes home in 24 FRIGGEN HOURS!

This is totally me right now.
(At least it would be if I were in an empty field of dandilions right now, oh...and I looked like her.)

I kicked tour's ass. I rock. I am strong. I am ... Wonderwoman.
(Well, kind spirit. I sadly have no super powers. Except for my power of awesomeness, no big.)


Monday, May 17, 2010


Till my hunny comes home from Deployment!
Like OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, this is almost overrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I am happy. excited. in love. anxious. impatient. thankful. stressed.
So many complicated feelings, but first and foremost - Excited and Happy! (Of course)

I have 38 hours this week at work and, as I usually only have 25, I am stressed about getting this place organized of my things before he comes home and needs to move his stuff in from his Mom's, where its stored. My mommy is coming this Friday night till Saturday afternoon to help me organize, I think. Which would be great.

 It is currently almost 9:00pm, and I feel the need to watch Gilmore Girls and organize. Wish me luck.
Love to you all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awkward Turtle Butterflies

Hiya Bloggersss.

I am trying to work with this terrible internet connection that I am currently stealing borrowing from a fellow neigbour. It fails at being a wireless connection. I need to go to bed very soon since I work a split and then drive to my Mommy's tomorrow! Which is a 45 minute drive, not terrible, just not fun after a long day. I am looking forward to being out there for a weekend. I will get fed!


I have no stove. It kind of just plain sucks sometimes. I'm getting used to it though. I stupidely bought a McCain frozen pizza that I know can't eat, knowing I did not have a stove. I have no idea why.

This little home is incredibly chaotic looking at the moment, but I still love it. It makes my tummy fill with pretty butterflies full of happy. This is metaphoricle. I do not consume butterflies, though I would for like 1000$. Anyway, we are off topic.

Little home = topic.

I have nothing else to say about that actually. Hummm, so this is awkward...
Uh, so...yah, goodbye?


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Housewife has Landed


Life is wonderful right now.

It is weird to be in this pmq, but loverly, all at the same time. I have deorated a tiny bit, just to make it feel kind of home-e. I can't do much though, a lot of our stuff is at Mr. M's Mommy's in another province. Blast. Oh well, only a few days after he gets home and we will be traveling up there.

I am content.

A boy knocked on the door during this wonderful, hot, and sunny day and offered to mow the lawn. Um, YES! It's like the thought of that happening walked out of my head and into reality. I was wondering earlier today how to locate an adolescent lawn mower, and he walked up to my door mere hours later. Oh happy day.
Ummm, I have to work tomorrow, so I need to sleeeeep. I had a long day of moving. Only a stove left now to find and I shall!