Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts n.5

Happy Belated Easter! (Can I say that?)
I had an absolutely wonderful long weekend! Thursday night I went out to a popular pub with my hunny and some friends. Friday I traveled to Moncton with Mr. M to have a little getaway overnight. Then Saturday and on we went to my Fam's place in my hometown. Lots of turkey and chocolate. MMMmmmmm!

Although, not so good for my swimsuit photoshoot coming up on Saturday in Maine. I am pumped!

I'm so very not pumped about the awful construction going on right outside my front window. They are building a new wheelchair accesible pmq. Which is a good thing, but a bad noise annoyance.

I've come to realize that I probably should start going into hardcore wedding planning mode. There is a lot to get done. I have reception area, church, and photographer. Need dj soon then working on making the invitations/everything else.

Ps. This is a lame post but I am on sort of a hiatus, plus I'm running late for work. Again.

Oh dear.

Off to work I go.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts n. 4

I seem to have no internet and do not wish to type out full posts on my phone. Should be back by Friday!
Miss you blog world!
Keep thinking of BLOG NAMES for me.
Please and thank you.
Ps. Gus is my cat. Be in awe of his lazyness.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a heads Up!

I will be changing my URL soon! I feel that I am more than just a "20 something in love" I haven't figured out to what yet, but I'll let you know. I will probably lose some followers. Hopefully you'll be able to find your way back to me. <3

If anyone has any ideas for a name that would be uber helpful. I have some but nothing amazing quite yet.


Wednesday Morning Thoughts n. 3

This is going to have to be FAST like the wind bullseye!
I have to go to work very soon, but since I began to put numbers beside Wednesday morning thoughts, I feel committed to posting on Wednesday morning.
Except I don't have anything that inspirational or important this morning.

I could try and be helpful! I'll dip into my favorites folder! o0o0o0o0o

When planning a wedding I am a very visual kind of person, therefore blogs like this have been very helpful!

Home design site that has a crazy amount of pictures that you can save on the site and comment on the ones you like, absolutely lovely!

There, you are welcome for that rushed completely unproductive towards anything post.
Love to my readers and those who read this and never come back to my blog again..hahaha...please come back?

Tmo Out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Love + Weddings!

It's Spring people! Get excited! I am so excited for Summer. Short shorts, pretty dresses, and no need for heavy coat wearing. Diving, rock climbing, camping, and weddings! Not mine, that's next year. I have 2 friends, 1 Stepbrother, and Mr. M's Cousin all getting married from July to October. I'm excited to get ideas and such from them.

As much romance as there is in my life I have recently just become fully aware of how lucky I am to have my Mr. M. I have 3 coworkers that have left or been left by their partners, 2 married and one long-term. My Fiancee may sometimes be a prick, annoying, say the wrong thing, and make mistakes. All that said, I can be a bitch, be naggy, picky, and ultra jealous. If you love someone it doesn't matter about all the bad...You are still going to love them through it. If you can't, then it's not meant to be. I need to start being more thankful of the wonderful man in my life that takes care of me better than I even know how to take care of myself. It'll be 4 years for us on the 15th so I'll post more about us then... Anyway, enough of this "reflection time". Just been on my mind recently.

I think I am going to start training to run a 5k at the end of May. My friend M.'s post on on her friend Will Power. inspired me. I don't know Mr. Will Power (see what I did there? I copied M. That's the most sincere form of flaterry M., don't be offended.) very well but I'd like to get to know him. I tend to start craft projects, cleaning, excersise, hobbies, and various other important things and not finish them. TERRIBLE habit. It makes me angry with myself. Grrrrrr, Tmo, stick with something. So, lately I have been Pole Dancing an hour everyday and now I want to start running. I actually LOVE running, but I have a hard time starting the process of running. Like, putting sneakers on and walking out the door (sounds easy?), that's just something I have trouble with. It's so hard. Sarcasm poeple. Ok, I am ranting.

I had a wonderful weekend in case you'd like to know. I went to a birthday party Friday, had a lovely Sat. with my lover, bbq on Sat. night with army friends, then Sunday Mr. M went away till Friday diving. Sunday night I had a bbq and a lovely walk with 2 of my co-workers G and S.

Here's hoping for more beautiful weather this week, especially Friday for when Mr. M comes home.

Much love bloggers, I apologize for the long post. I need to blog more so you don't suffer as much, ha ha.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts n. 2

So, this week I cheated a bit when it come to getting to Wednesday. I skipped Tuesday. I was running a fever with some chills and a cough. No work for Tmo! Now it's Wednesday, beloved halfway to Friday Wednesday.

My pole room looks FABULOUS! I don't use that word very often, but I feel it appropriate for my beautiful room. I have put hard work and a good pair of sweatpants into that room. I spray-painted mirrors (bye bye good pair of sweatpants who now have a streak of black on them) hung pictures/mirrors, installed curtains and a pole. It's our half craft/half workout room. It's very zen and it makes me happy. Now to practice. I will post pictures SOON.

Mr. M and I have been watching this show called Dollhouse on netflix and I just want to recommend it to those of you that get netflix. It's quite the chick flick with lots of action. It's very scifi though, so if you don't get along with shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and so on, you won't like it.

After attending my sorority Ball last week I realized how very different of a person I am lately. I keep trying to go back to the crazy alcoholic (note* not actual alcoholic, just a person enjoying life.) person I used to be but that is no fun to me anymore. I like to drink, just not as much as I used to. I'm more satisfied with a glass of wine than a pint of vodka. Oh the glory days. I also realized what silly drama ensues when girls get together and that I can't hold a grudge longer than about 2 minutes. There are people who aren't in my life anymore and I am ok with that because they weren't supporting who I am or who I'm with. On a counter note there are some people I need to hang out with asap! <3

I hope summer gets here soon! I have four weddings to go to and I am so excited to get dressed up! I absolutely love weddings, and it'll give me ideas for my own next year!

Time to go to work!
Love to you,