Thursday, May 26, 2011

I need to liven this place up a bit.

Pretty white isn't it?
I'll work on it.
Going through a rough time right now. I'll post soon.
Plus, I did not post on Wednesday Morning, on the other hand I worked at 6:45am.

Much love bloggers,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Detailed Life Postage & Ellen

I know, I know. I said I would post last night.
However, life got in the way of that. I had to make a card and cheesecake dessert for my work. Today is my last day of the fulltime kitchen shift I had taken over for another woman. She had to have surgery so I volunteered to fill in for a few months. I worked 10 to 5 and did allllll the laundry, baking, snacks, lunch heating and serving for the 2's and 3/4's, dishes, and breaks/lunches for the staff. Very stressful. I was worried I would not be able to handle it since I had taken on a difficult position in September and opted out of it in October because of the stress. This time I did amazing. I am truly proud of myself.

Mr. M and I have made a few leaps and bounds lately after I realized I was in fact the problem. I don't like admitting when I am wrong and sometimes seek out fights which are not helpful in a relationship. I enjoy drama and get bored easily whithin a relationship. I choose not to accept Mr. M for who he is and try and change him when I haven't changed hair. These are all things I realized over the weekend. Does this make me a terrible person in Mr. M's eyes? No. He loves me deeply and wants needs me to be happy. So, instead of concentrating on these things I have chosen to be happy and admit when I'm wrong ( even when I know I'm right) because Mr. M is something I never want to lose. He's my best friend and I love him very much.

Ok, enough sap and honesty. Yuck. That was mainly for my friend T-pain. How's that for detailed life postage. tmi. lmao.

I am going to my first of 5 weddings (so far) this summer, on Saturday. Mr. M's cousin is getting married. We were invited but not his mother, which is akward. I am excited though! I absolutely adore weddings, plus I need some focus on mine and it's easy to see little details that I haven't thought of by going to a real wedding, ha ha! So It's off to N.S. this long weekend for us!

So, I've covered job, love, weekend plans, hmmm.

I need to post pictures of my house, but we are going to paint soon, so I will wait. We were not going to paint but now we are since we'll be here for longer than we thought. The army doesn't like our "Life Plan A" so on to B.

I miss friends, I need some major girly time. Hopefully next weekend my plans to go dancing follow through. I just wanna dance. I'm really feeling the shopping cart move right now.

There are just so many to choose from.

ps. peek at one of my photos from my Maine shoot...

Well, I must get ready for work.

Love to you blog world,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Detailed Life Postage

Well, my life is boring to say the least. Ha ha. Probably not very good for blogging.

Mr. M and I are great! We have made some leaps and bounds lately and have had a wonderful 4 days. 

Wednesday Morning Thoughts n.8


I love this song. <3

I will post tonight, cross my heart.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts n.7

I am typing on the smallest laptop ever. aka the reason I have not been blogging. Our charger stopped working for the big laptop so now I am using a tiny slow one that has been to Afghanistan and back. I still find sand after I finish with it. Ug.

My life is pretty much the same. I had a sick day yesterday from work, still don't feel totally up to par but what can you do?

Watched Thor over the weekend with some friends and then went to Harvey for the annual Mother's Day brunch in my family.

Ok, have to get ready for work now!
I promise I'll start posting better soon.

Love, Tmo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts n. 6

I have to go to work. I have no time to write this post.
Tonight after work I have a shoot, which I am very excited about.
This is the lamest post I have ever written I think.

Must distract you from lame post...

This video freaks me out a litte.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maine, Modeling, & Mail

So, I really would like to change my layout and url and all that business. HOWEVER, time will just not allow it! Hopefully tonight I'll begin some changes. They are coming, just very very very s l o w l y...

I feel f-in fantastic! My weekend was so perfect for my ego and feeling good about myself! On Friday night we had a couple over to watch Due Date and just hang out. Absolutely a good time. Saturday brought cleaning and packing then off to my Mama's house for the night. Up early on Sunday to travel to Milbridge, Maine! Only had a little trouble at the border seeing as how I didn't know modeling was a trade and you're not really supposed to get paid for it while traveling between Canada and USA. *The more you know*

Anyway, it was all fine and well so my hunny went on to the Photog's house, Michelle! She was fantastic and so was the MUA(Make Up Artist)/Hairstylist Lindsay Parks. After getting fitted in the swimsuit (that she makes, she is starting to design her line), Mr. M and I looked around the town for awhile to give her time to do some minor touchups. We ate and walked around town. It was mostly closed until later in May, very much a summer town.

We got back to her house and begun the journey fron Eastport to Milbridge where I would be posing beside a sculpture! It was a new experience for me to have all that done and to also travel so far to a location to shoot. I absolutely loved it though and I hope I can do it again soon! Except next time I won't leave my whole makeup bag there.

So she'll be mailing me the swimsuit I posed in along with my makeup bag and I hope to get some pictures soon to show you guys!

Mr. M and I would also love to go back to Eastport! Has a huge 3 storey scuba dive building. Would definitely love to go check it out this summer.

Tomorrow I am shooting with my friend Trina Edge for a sexy music themed shoot! Pumped! I really enjoy a shoot when I get to work with those that helped me get started in all this business. I have much love for them.

We got a census in the mail today. I have never done one before. Help me?

I need to go to work now! (Sorry for the rushed post <3 )
Much love, Tmo