Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clearly Someone Hates Me

Mr. M has been back in Afghanistan less that two weeks, therefore, the truck started making a funny noise. A non-ignorable type noise. Alright, can't be terrible, right? I took it to Canadian Tire, two problems: Wheel bearring & right acxle = 580$ Fine. Wait, Miss, there is a possibility we could take this apart then have a third problem. Ok. I thought that would bring it up to maybe 1000$. I was very wrong. 2400$ WHAT!? FML. So, the two first problems are fixed. The third my Mom's boyfriend is going to Canadian Tire in the morning to check on, since he's a mechanic. Bah. I hate being without a vehicle. This is why someone hates me.

I believe things come in, the day Mr. M left the police 'kindly' told us we could not take the truck to the airport since it had to be registered and safetyed, all from parking on the side of the road... while we visited friends... an hour before he left.. on boxing day. I mean come on! Mr. M ended up calling my Mom and her bf to come get me since I was supposed to take he truck home for Christmas and I was literally having an anxiety attack and could not talk at that moment. He took a cab to the airport and I sat in the driveway, in the truck. 45 minutes later I was rescued, but not before they mistakenly drove to the airport thinking I was there. They got to say goodbye to him though, that's good. The second thing is the truck nonsense. I'm hoping the third thing s something like me stubbing my toe or something, I can't handle anything bigger right now.

I am almost moved. I have a lot of clothes. You would think I would be an excellent mover, this is the 5th time I'm moving in a year. Four and a half more months till I'm in a more permanent situation, yayyyyyyy!

On a very positive note - I have some news! I received a glamorous blog award from wonderful m. over at - no hometown. Thanks so much. I too am going to try and come out of blog hiding also. Give me time, ha ha.

I also finished the 1st season of Gossip Girl. I have no idea why I love it so much! Don't judge me, please?

Bedtime - I need some beauty sleep.

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  1. haha aww you poor dear. the third thing is that you will be missing awesome craft night tonight....