Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some "He's home tomorrow" & a side of "I'm vain, F*&%"

Mr. M comes home tomorrow evening! So the house is close to being clean...RIGHT! HA! So not clean. I AM working on it though. Those close to me do not believe me, but I'm not lying. Really. Really.

Anyway! I just watched the movie Jennifer's Body with Meaghan Fox. It was actually more dark humour making fun of horror movies than scary. Which I am glad for, since I have one more night alone...dun dun duuuuhhhhh. 

I also realized today, as I was staring in the mirroir, that I am totally vain!! My mom always used to make fun of me for looking in the mirroir all the time. Mr. M does now, as well as a few friends. It's not like I'm staring in the mirroir thinking to myself -

"Oh. M. G. Look at that hot piece of ass right there. What a gorgeous human being I am. They should make a friggen statue of me. WHY HAVEN'T THEY?!"

It's more like -

"Oh. M. G. I need to tighten that thing up asap & Does it really actually look like that!? WHY HAS NO ONE GIVEN ME A PAPER BAG to put over my hideous face?!"

Ok. Well, not quite that bad. I have a lot of people call me skinny. Well, that's all good and fine, but skinny people have insecurities too

Well, now that I have bestowed some of my wisdom on you, you can go away a better person for knowing this.

I think I should probably go to bed. I am sorry for yelling at you.
Love to you boggers.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas & housewifeness

It is SNOWINGGGGG! I love the snow. I do. Even if I have to wipe it off, or shovel it, or get it down my shirt. I love it. This time of year is so warm and loving. Brings me happy feelings - get your mind out of the gutter.

So, today I watched 2 Star Wars movies. Then put on the fireplace channel, some christmas tunes, and cleaned! Yes, cleaned. I got the kitchen and living room done, so tomorrow bathroom & bedroom.

Now I'm making some supper and waiting for the live Grinch to come on!! Whoop! :)

Mr. M had a birthday a few days ago but he is out in the field as I said in the last post. So when he gets home next week he said all he wants is a clean house. Ha ha ha... ahhhh. Goodness. So, I'm working on that. I'm also going to get him an ice cream cake! This is me trying to be a housewife.

It's onnnnn! & Food is readyyyy.

Love to you bloggers.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Since Tuesday (of LAST week)

Ever Since Tuesday I have been FANTASIC.

I was feeling kind of blah since my beau is in the field. BUT on TUESDAY it all changed. I had my second burlesque class done by this amazing lady (NB area). It is so much fun!! Makes you feel super sassy and fun and she is so easy to work with. G. and I have a ball!
Then on Wednesday I went to Snooty's with some new girlfriends that are not army wives which is kind of nice.

Thursday I got to see my man for 2 hours! Whoop! Then G. and I went to town and bought some things.

Friday I went to the base ThankGodIt'sFriday with G. you get free food and the chance to win gift certificates! I won a 25$gift certificate from Home Depot! Bam! Then we decided we we needed to dance. So we went back to town to pick up some last minute things and I decided to buy an amazing straightener called Amika. I'm in love. After that we danced the night away while ignoring creepy army guys at a local bar. It's more fun than it sounds.

Saturday I had my photoshoot which G. joined me at! It went fantastic!

Sunday I had a day of rest, then a night at the movies with G. (Who I clearly spend too much time with.) I got a text during "Due Date" (Which is fricken HILARIOUS) and surprise! Mr. M was at home on my doorstep. He got to come in since he had an important inspection at his other job. (Which he passed with flying colors!! So Proud.)

Monday, well, nothing & that's ok, ha ha.

Then today, Doctor's app. so I can finally find out what is wrong with me! After that I had dinner with my mommy. As well as Burlesque class. Good day.

Now on to being excited about tomorrow night.

Much love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

In all honesty.

I'm extremely anxious about something & That's all I can say about that.
If you know, you know, if you don't you never will.



On a brighter note! I am loving my crafty little self.

 Snowflake Craft I just started tonight.

2 Snowmen done of 6. I love them.

Yesterday I had a fantastic day! I hung out with two long lost sorority sistas and very good friends. My friend L. and I traveled an hour to see a dear friend in a neaby city. We attended a Remembrance Day Ceremony that was PACKED. It was awesome, we couldn't even sit down. Being a military fiance it made me so proud of him and to be in this crazy military life. <3 He he.


This weekend I'll be going out to my Mommy' house. She is my hairdresser and I'm in dire need.
It'll also be early Christmas on my Dad's side, since my Nan goes to Florida for the next 6ish months. So I'm pretty pumped.

It's 1:12 am. I should really go to bed. This is what happens when Mr. M goes to the field. He is there till next Thursday. So only a few more days. :)

Do you like the new look?
Button coming soon.

Goodnight Bloggers,