Thursday, December 23, 2010


That I will desperately try and blog more in the new year!

There, I have written it down. Now I have to at least follow through a little bit…Maybe. Hahahahaha. No seriously, I will.
Ok, so for the past little while I have been sick with throat things, head stuff, and nose troubles. I also have a lot of random things going wrong with my insides. I’m praying that the new year brings me some good health!

December has brought: an ugly Christmas sweater party, an in-laws Christmas party, early Christmas with Dad (He’s going away), Christmas concert with the daycare kids, crazy hours at work, crazy chopping trips, first time in our home Christmas decorations, my hubby’s Christmas dinner and dance, some of our friends coming home from Afghanistan, a huge increase in alcohol intake, and various other crazy Christmas happenings. I LOVE IT. I love Christmas and everything about it.
I probably won’t blog again till New Years, but I could be wrong. Leaving today in a couple of hours to go to my Mommy’s house for the first part of Christmas!

Love to you bloggers.


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