Saturday, April 24, 2010

A whole new wooooorllllld. 16ft.

Hello blogger world. Today I visited a whole new world called "open water diving in the ocean" Oh My God. It was amazing, damn cold, but amazing. Your face feels like little needles are pricking you, it's that cold. Once I actually started swimming out a little I was so distracted by the little hermit crabs, fish, moving seaweed. Everything was super neat! It's hard to even explain.

We arrived at about 9:30 then began to get ready. We had to do weight checks to see if we had enough weight to get us down. I was good, but a few people had to add more weight, so we ended up having to go back in to warm up for a bit. Then Amy and I went out for our first open water dive! It was pretty awesome down there. Back up to the surface for an hour and  half to let the nitrogen ebb out of our bodies a bit and warm up.

Back down for the second dive with 4 of us this time, Amy, Dan, Dave, and I. It was pretty sweet, bit cold the second time, had some trouble with boyouncy on the way back up, but nothing too difficult to handle.

Back home to shower, then out to the split crow for some food and a well deserved Keiths! Two more dives tomorrow so I gotta get to bed!

Goodnight bloggers, love!

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