Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My friend RoRo recently posted a countdown post. I happen to be an uber fan of countdowns right now, I was tentivly counting down before, but now I have so many! An excert from a message to Mr. Miller:
"Love you!!! 9 days till 3 years! :)

18 days till I'm a certified diver!!!!!!

23 days till pmq!!!!!!!!!!
47ish days till you see my pretty face!!!!!!!!!!"
I have many more though. I am so busy. Here is my timeline:
This weekend - Ball
16th to 18th - Hedley Concert in Hali!
24th to 23rd - Checkout Dive weekend in Hali.
30th to 1st - PMQ bungalo!!! MOVING ON UP!
8th & 9th of May - Jo's place/Moncton to outlet stores?
15th May - Shoot (modeling)
22nd & 23rd - last weekend before he's home/Jo's/ getting pmq home-e!
 AND for all the rest of April Tuesday and Thursday are dive classes, I also need to pack, go to gym, work, and find appliances! Oh my goodness. Hahahaha! I AM busy. It's good though!
I had a wonderful Easter, hope you did too!\More laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Love to you Bloggers,

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