Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Help - Focus Needed

Unfortunately I feel as if I've lost my voice for writing for this particular blog. I want something more focused. Either being a "housewife" or an event planner. I need to focus on something...there is too much going on in this blog.

I need your help...what am I better at? 

If I had an event blog I could market myself. If I have a housewife blog I could be funny and personal things.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekday "Wine-ing"

See what I did there? If you don't...please leave. No, I'm kidding. Wine-ing = Whining. There. 

Not really going to whine about anything just a post to say that I have officially started binging on wine during the weekdays and not the weekends. Sigh. I'm such a grownup. 

Inevitably, this happens to us all. When you just can't quite make it to Fridays anymore. Your life is in a miserable state and if you don't acquire a self soothing alcoholic beverage stat you won't be a very happy co-worker/roomate/wife/classmate the next day. It's not like you go balls to the wall and end up naked on your front lawn (although the neighbours had quite a show last wednesday), no you have a glass or 2. Three, if you've had a really bad day. Make sure you drink an hour before bed if prone to heartburn. Wine heartburn can be a particularly nasty fiend on Wednesday mornings, when you are halfway through the week and near sweet sweet Friday Wine Time. 

Not saying my Friday nights are particularly party hearty either. I do have to say, getting drunk along with a mad men character during the show I missed on Sunday (because I went to bed early - my one smart decision this week) is quite a time! 

If that's a little too much for you Saturdays are usually watch a chick flick with my Mr. and cry a little into my wine glass because I didn't guess they'd both die/fall in love/he'd leave her. 

My Preciousssssssss. ps. this is pre-makeup & hair. Be nice. 

Well, off to class without making supper for my hunny because instead I wrote this. Aren't I a dear? 

Much love,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Head on over to Bloglovin'

They are getting rid of Google Friends Connect! SO, please follow me on here! :) Thank you. 

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Little Sister Turns 19 & Happy Mommy Day

On May 10th my "little sister" turned 19. She is not so little anymore. 
She has been my one companion throughout my life that I can completely trust and love. Other than my Mommy, which I honoured today. 
I have so many strong women in my life, so it is no wonder my sister has become one of these women. She still has so much to learn, but she is a fast learner. 
We have been through a lot together and I am thankful I have had her to share that with. 

And today being mother's day I had a brunch with a lot of woman from my life and that made me happy and thankful.

Also, today being mother's day, as well as getting married soon, & all of my friends having them = I want a baby. There. I said it. 
I must wait till I have a career with maternity leave so I can have peace of mind. 

Much love, 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Maxi Dresses = Love

I have a new unhealthy love for "maxi dresses". I don't know where it came from. I am not one to follow trends, I just try and buy things that work for my body. Maxi dresses tend to make me look pregnant, but this summer - I don't care. You can dress them down and you can dress them up. Who doesn't love that kind of flexibility?! Here are the 2 I have fallen victim 2 in the past 3 days! 

This was ordered from Mark. by Avon
This is from Giant Tiger! 10$, but in black.

I have no regret. I will be able to wear them to the beach, the lake, and entertaining guests at my house. I'm just so in love. Who knows how many more I will buy before summer is over? Probably not too many, wedding is coming up and money needs to be saved so I can get my hair did and my face prettified

Much love,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Purple Bling and Best Friend Surprises

I am currently in sweatpants and pretty darn happy with myself. I accomplished some small wedding tasks, movie watching, and generally lazing about this weekend. Mr. M left on Saturday morning for a little while. So my world will be weddings things and homework.

Here are a couple sneak peeks of a couple weeding related items...
Purple Bling.

Table seating organization. Not pretty, but SO helpful!

Probably the most stressful thing ever. 

I need to get a jackknife or something, scissors destroyed these.  
If anyone has any tips for cutting out moustaches please tell me immediately. I need help, ha ha. 
I am loving this. I am slowly developing a complete love of weddings. I seriously love doing mine BUT I have a wicked need to plan other people's, I think it would almost be easier as it's not so personal. 
I want to plan some weird and wacky, unique, or such weddings. 

Time is zipping by. 98 days till I thee wed!

In other news, my best friend V who has been gone for 2 years in Alberta is back! She surprised me on my doorstep on Thursday last week. Best day ever. She is also my Maid of Honor, so I'm also a bit selfishly glad I have her home, haha.

PS. Should I do a video blog? Everyone else seems to be, lol. 

Much love,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Invites

My wedding invitations were a lot of fun to make. Frustrating at times, but worth it. I saved a ton of money by doing them myself!

I bought a kit from Micheals, the craft store, and then proceeded to make a couple of adjustments to it to make it suit my wedding and style better. 

My mom and sister both did a lot to help! Great bonding time. 

I wish I could show you the finished product but they haven't gone out yet. You'll see soon!

On another note, my first wedding dress finally came in. Rushed home tried it on, and was happy to report I was not happy in it! I LOVE my second dress and this one is so blah compared to my new one. What was I thinking?! 

Much love,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say yes to the...2 Dresses?

     Oops, I have become "one of those girls". The girls on TV that keep trying on dresses even after they have found one. I wasn't settled on mine. I loved it yes, but the picture of what I wanted to look like while coming down the aisle wasn't suited to that dress. On the down side, I have bought and paid for it. On the plus side, I will come out even when I sell it.
     It fit like a dream, barely any alterations need to be done and I can buy it right off the rack because it's discontinued. Hellooooo, sale dress.
I am now fully excited.
     My advice to other brides, listen to your heart and gut. I kept regretting not trying on a ball gown (there is a hint on what my new dress will look like) and felt like I rushed myself. Take your time. Don't jump right into buying if you can help it. You will know when you have found your dress, it's hard to describe the feeling.
I bought it, now to sell the old one. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Fancy, Huh

I need a pretty little thing to put on my head after I take my veil off! I don't want a blank head, also, I love shiny things. Let's take a look shall we at some ideas I have...

I like this one, simple yet still has some bling! 

This one is kind of different, but I like the vintage vibe it sends out. 

Simple headband. 

Best of both worlds.
(Photos from - http://symphonybridal.com/
Did you wear anything in your hair on your wedding day? 
Oh god, then there's the shoes, earrings, bracelet. I'm going to need some bling therapy. 

Much Love, 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Disney Bachelorette Excitement

Ariel Bachelorette Inspiration
Ariel Bachelorette Inspiration

I made this little board on Polyvore, which is a pretty neat little site. I wouldn't use it to buy from per say, but in order to get some ideas it's great! 

One of my bridesmaids (Ms. G) came up with the idea for a grownup disney princess bachelorette, and she wasn't sure if I'd like it! I LOVE IT! Classy, yet fun, and unique! 
I chose Ariel. Red hair, born a princess, and learning who she was supposed to be through some tough hardships and dealing with, well let's just call Ursula what she is - a bitch. Every girl can empathize with Ariel a little bit on that especially.

I am thankful for this little fun distraction as I am feel indecisive about my wedding dress. I am a very indecisive person and to try something on 4 times, buy it, not see it for 6 months and still love it - is scary. 
My mom, sister, and I went to the bridal shop where I bought my dress and tried on the sample size again. I came to the conclusion that after I put some bling on it and make it a sweetheart neckline, I still absolutely love it. My aunt's wise words comforted me. That dress is my First date and I can go one more dates with other good looking dresses, but I'll always compare them to that perfect first date.
Just had some anxiety because time seems to be speeding up! 6 months until the big day! Aug. 4th, 2012.
I'm getting very excited, and a little  ALOT massively  slightly stressed about the amount of things that need to get done. 
If you have any pointers on staying calm in the face of stress please tell me. 

Much Love,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding Drinks

I want something simple and not too expensive for my guests, and I think I found it. I fount this little lovely on Pinterest.
The Blog - Cocktails, Details

I think instead of a lime wedge I'd do a blackberry or something more in my colour theme. 

I like the idea of having something cheaper for my guests. Unfortunately, I am not of unlimited funds and can not have an open bar. Most of the guests that are coming to my wedding are younger and going to drink at least one or two drinks. We are thinking of doing drink tickets.

At weddings I have attended in the past I have not minded paying for a drink, but I know it does bother some people. I think everybody at our wedding will just be happy to celebrate with us on our special day and not worried about what they are paying for. I find a lot of wedding topics are so old fashioned and have strong thoughts attached to them but no reasoning behind them.

During the day of it won't matter anyway, I'll be too excited and in love with my Mr. M.

Much Love,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012

Nice to finally meet you.
This is what I looked like on my final night of 2011, with my hunny.

This is what I plan on accomplishing this year.

I need to set some sort of fitness goal. I do not have one yet as I have not felt any sort of passion for anything, but maybe I just need to kick my own butt into starting something anyway. I need a goal to work towards otherwise I don't know what to do with myself.
Or maybe that's just an excuse.
Fitness goal? And go! 

Plan my wedding. (Eeeeeee!)
If you'd like to see some inspiration for my wedding you can follow me HERE on Pinterest.

Finish school and begin searching for a job that I at least at least close to love in some sort of events or promotions environment.

Manage my house better. I am messy and that isn't how I want to be anymore. 

Money, is actually ok, just keep doing what I'm doing.

Keep on working on the 'ol mind and improving my positive thinking. 

I'm excited about this year, could be some very big changes by Nov. We'll see how plan A keeps going.

I'd also like to post some crafts and wedding things here.

Life is busy. Time management will need to be my best friend.

Much Love,