Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Will it ever end?

Again - 32*C - feels like 39. It's only 1:30. I need to clean my little bungalow but my god I can barely muster the energy to type in this heat. On the plus side, once I've done the living room and kitchen I can finish in the bedroom which I have closed the door too and BLASTED the wonderful, beautiful, heavenly Air Conditioner. *sigh* I do not know how I could have survived this heat wave without it...really. Vultures would probably be circling the sky above my house, just waiting for me to finally succumb to the heat. Ok...on to happier things.

My birthday is coming up! :) Sept. 30th, which is on a Thursday. So I think that Friday Mr. M and I are going bowling (because I love bowling and he never takes me, as I always beat him), then pretty room at a hotel, get all dressed up, and eat supper at the restaurant. That's all I want this year. I am pretty sick of going out and would much prefer bowling. I think that I'm beginning to show signs of age. Although, I'm only turning 22. He he.

Speaking of going out, I went out a couple of weekends ago with an old friend. I had a great time in the beginning but was crying at the end of the night. The clubs are just toxic (and not the terrible song by Brittany Spears, yes I just watched the whole thing -  for me. I love dancing and drinking and having a good time, but I think I love it too much. I need my Mr. M with me, or a good group of girls that have men too so we can all be bitches together and tell the boys to get lost. I am nice, which sometimes doesn't get me far in life. Believe me, I have changed when it comes to how shy I used to be, but I'm still the same sweet girl I have always been. I get hurt easily and don't take well to confrontation or having people be angry with me. It's hard to not care, but I'm definitely working on that.

As for the old friend, she's still a very, very good friend who I love and will stand up or any day and I miss her terribly, but we are in different places. - Literally and figuretively.

Oh my, guess I should get to work. I can't wait to clean the bedroom, *drool* COLD AIR!


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