Friday, October 2, 2009

September 30th - Birthday Day

   I did not do a birthday post yesterday, but it was in fact a 20 something birthday that I had. The day began with my Mom making the 45 minute drive to my place of living to take me out to breakfast and give me this (picture) fabulous cardigan from Aeropostale which she picked up in Bangor. My Mom is so awesome. After that I went to work where a few little ones wished me a happy birthday. Then to get ready for a small dinner with my fav girlies. While I was getting ready I had some time to reflect on my age - I realized I was trying to speed time up. Lately, I feel so young. I wonder why I'm still in this stage of my life where I feel I know nothing. I've graduated, I have a good job, I'm in a long term relationship, yet it feels like I just got out of high school, to be honest. I have a good balance of friends, married, engaged, girlfriend, and single gals. The military part of my life seems to rule though. I'll get back to this later, on with my birthday day.
One of my friends drove me to the pub in town where we sat down for drinks and appetizers, while waiting for my other gals to show. Four of my wonderful friends showed up. Good times were had.

Mr. M just called, and though it was a pleasant phone conversation with little tension and lots of positivity it was a mere 6:27 long. How is that even fulfilling? HE always calls me right before bed or right before he goes to do something when he is away, therefore avoiding all possibility of more than 10 minutes of conversation. This can be a good thing as it also avoids my ranting and/or stupid fights. I should get used to the short conversations since in less then two weeks there will be no more texting or calling, as well as limited phone calls. Ok. 


Three of us stayed in order to keep having a good time and though I only had two beer, the breath of fresh air I was feeling at that moment since I was not stumbling around trying to locate my friends in a bar was more satisfying than the aforementioned beer. Here comes the best part, and not becuase of the free drink either. The waiter brought us three our drinks we had ordered at the beginning, saying the guy at the bar had got them for us. I for one was stunned at the fact that even though I was sitting at a table, minding my own damn business, trying to have a good time with two of my best, a stupid boy had to stick his nose in. Couple minutes later said boy and friend ask to sit down at the table with us. Trin and I both look at Mrs. Jackson, since she is the married one, and the boys quickly state they are here for the band and aren't looking to cause trouble. So, we let them sit, what harmcould come from that? Not ten minutes later - So, how about some shots ladies? No thank you, we were just leaving now. We're out of there! The totally Ironic part was - they all had the same trade as Mrs. Jackson's husband, Trin's Fiance, and my boyfriend. Life lesson: All we can attract are military boys.Anyway, home and bed early for me, and I was so very glad.

Back to the military part of my life ruling - in that part of my life everyone is either engaged or married and I feel like the only one who isn't. I'm not complaining, Mr. M and I are in a good long term, happy relationship. It's hard being the "Girlfriend" in a group sometimes. Feels like you didn't make it in the super exclusive club. I know it's coming though, I'm just impatient, you know how it is.

Anyway - Night Night

Ps. This was posted the morning after I wrote it - due to circumstances beyond my control.


  1. Here is my rant: YOU ARE ONLY 20 AND DON'T NEED TO BE MARRIED YET! love you and hope you had a wondrous little b day celebration

  2. Also a bitch please from me crazy face!just think of how it feels to be the single one in the sea of married/ I love you

  3. I'm 21 now P.G., lol. And I don't want to be married - Quote "I'm not complaining, Mr. M and I are in a good long term, happy relationship."
    I'm perfectly happy with the way things are for the moment. ;)

    And Robyn, I was basing it on Military life, I included you in the good mix of single gals that I have! Silly, I love you too.

  4. i'm robyns super awesome weirdo cousin and i'm an army girlfriend too, i know EXACTLY how you feel, especially when they go away training, sucks big time!

    And Robyn seems to know a lot of super awesome weirdo people.

  6. she collects them, like family.
    being an army girlfriend suuuucks lots sometimes lol. especially when there are gatherings and copious amounts of alcohol going into said boyfriends and some of their butthead and not so butthead friends. just sayin.