Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lazy with Lists

I had a long day today. I feel worn out and tired. I love my job very much but it can be very stressful and long when you don't have a child that is willing to listen. Plus, I got called in 3 hours early.

I'm sitting here watching the Hills- which I love but have less love for now that Lauren is gone. I appreciate it for what it is now, though. Before I began typing I was eating a chocolate bar and reading  Woman's Health Magazine. I'm trying to replace Cosmo, It's very hard. Woman's Health is also very inspiring.

Time is very odd right now. I looked at a calendar and realized it has been a week since he left tomorrow. That went by so fast - yet it went by incrediby slow since I thought more time had went by. It feels like ages ago and yesterday all at the same time.

My list (written here) is not going very well. I knew I would need nothing time for awhile, just my way of coping. I think I have had enough now, I'm feeling lazy and dissapointed at my get up and go. I want to accomplish toning a little before he gets home. I find it hard to maintain a healthy diet because of my living situation. I'm living in a house that's filled with groceries that I am very welcome to eat, but they are all random and I have no idea what to make. Or if I should eat it because she might want it.

I feel pretty comfortable in this place, but it's not my place. I dream of being completely comfortable in a home that is mine and Mr. M's! *sigh*


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