Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's gone...

I'm sitting in my room in the house I'm staying in till he gets back and I'm hoping it goes by fast. I'm very impatient for life with him to start, all the better for me to appreciate he hell out of it when he returns. Right now I feel empty, excited, sad, and relieved.

I have officially started to concentrate on me for a little bit - with this comes the list...which I said I wold write for all the world to see (written here) so it would help me to stay motivated. Here it goes:

The Deployment List
  -Excersise, feel good about my body again
  -Get back into scrapbooking
  -Try rockclimbing!
  -Journal -so I don't go crazy.
  -Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel - Him being back, living together, and this (hopefully)not happening again.
  -Care packages for my babe!

I have a  really intense need to call him or text him - Probably because I can't. I fel so emotionally drained from this We spent last night in a hotel , since we don't have our own place, and it was a good night - even though I cried several times.

I love him so much, my best friend is gone. 
But he'll be back in two months for his halfway leave...Not too far away.

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