Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekday "Wine-ing"

See what I did there? If you don't...please leave. No, I'm kidding. Wine-ing = Whining. There. 

Not really going to whine about anything just a post to say that I have officially started binging on wine during the weekdays and not the weekends. Sigh. I'm such a grownup. 

Inevitably, this happens to us all. When you just can't quite make it to Fridays anymore. Your life is in a miserable state and if you don't acquire a self soothing alcoholic beverage stat you won't be a very happy co-worker/roomate/wife/classmate the next day. It's not like you go balls to the wall and end up naked on your front lawn (although the neighbours had quite a show last wednesday), no you have a glass or 2. Three, if you've had a really bad day. Make sure you drink an hour before bed if prone to heartburn. Wine heartburn can be a particularly nasty fiend on Wednesday mornings, when you are halfway through the week and near sweet sweet Friday Wine Time. 

Not saying my Friday nights are particularly party hearty either. I do have to say, getting drunk along with a mad men character during the show I missed on Sunday (because I went to bed early - my one smart decision this week) is quite a time! 

If that's a little too much for you Saturdays are usually watch a chick flick with my Mr. and cry a little into my wine glass because I didn't guess they'd both die/fall in love/he'd leave her. 

My Preciousssssssss. ps. this is pre-makeup & hair. Be nice. 

Well, off to class without making supper for my hunny because instead I wrote this. Aren't I a dear? 

Much love,

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