Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say yes to the...2 Dresses?

     Oops, I have become "one of those girls". The girls on TV that keep trying on dresses even after they have found one. I wasn't settled on mine. I loved it yes, but the picture of what I wanted to look like while coming down the aisle wasn't suited to that dress. On the down side, I have bought and paid for it. On the plus side, I will come out even when I sell it.
     It fit like a dream, barely any alterations need to be done and I can buy it right off the rack because it's discontinued. Hellooooo, sale dress.
I am now fully excited.
     My advice to other brides, listen to your heart and gut. I kept regretting not trying on a ball gown (there is a hint on what my new dress will look like) and felt like I rushed myself. Take your time. Don't jump right into buying if you can help it. You will know when you have found your dress, it's hard to describe the feeling.
I bought it, now to sell the old one. 

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