Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding Drinks

I want something simple and not too expensive for my guests, and I think I found it. I fount this little lovely on Pinterest.
The Blog - Cocktails, Details

I think instead of a lime wedge I'd do a blackberry or something more in my colour theme. 

I like the idea of having something cheaper for my guests. Unfortunately, I am not of unlimited funds and can not have an open bar. Most of the guests that are coming to my wedding are younger and going to drink at least one or two drinks. We are thinking of doing drink tickets.

At weddings I have attended in the past I have not minded paying for a drink, but I know it does bother some people. I think everybody at our wedding will just be happy to celebrate with us on our special day and not worried about what they are paying for. I find a lot of wedding topics are so old fashioned and have strong thoughts attached to them but no reasoning behind them.

During the day of it won't matter anyway, I'll be too excited and in love with my Mr. M.

Much Love,

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  1. What a fun drink- 3 of my favourite ingredients combined! I don't mind paying for drinks at weddings- sometimes its nice just to have a bottle of wine at the tables!