Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreams of Part-time Housewife Life

I have a dream of making cookies and dinners all the while dressed in an LBD (little black dress) wearing a pink apron. Anyone who knows me would comment on the fact that I can't cook and don't own an apron, let alone a pink one. Well, Here is what I have to say to that! I now own a pink apron and got a cookbook called "Anyone Can Cook" By GoodHousekeping. ;) For Early Christmas last weekend with Mom and Wayne, Nathan and I got a few presents, (I'll post pictures of mine in January) and 2 of mine happen to be those mentioned above. The pink apron actually belonged to my Gram who acquired it from a German War Bride. It's all hand embroidered and it's just beautiful. I would love to learn more of the story behind it and the life it had before me. I won't be cooking with it on, but it'll be a geat hostess apron. Also, the perfect accessory to an LBD when my Hubby comes home from work...when we have our own May. I have awhile to train myself.

This was random.


  1. aw. i love house wife stories! and your pink apron sounds fantastic! everything a good housewife needs!

  2. It is! I'll post a pic of it soon. was so honoured to get it :)I'm so excited for may <3