Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another 2 weeks go by...

...I'm sorry. I have a good excuse though. HLTA (His break from Afghanistan) finally came.
He arrived at the airport at 5 pm. His Mom and 2, of his 3, brothers were there with me. It was really really weird to see him just walk off an airplane after all this cazyness, ha ha. After a quick stop at Tims we headed to Moncton where we ate at The Pumphouse. His Mom and brothers left and Nathan and I headed to our little Jacuzzi suite I had booked a few days earlier. We had 3 days and 2 nights in Moncton all to ourselves. We did a lot of shopping for Christmas presents and he bought me this sweet pair of D&G sunglasses, which is a big deal for me because I've never owned anything over 15$ for sunglasses before!

Nathan and I then finished the day at the Yamaha store in Moncton and where we were looking at all the pretty bikes, when we came upon a little Yamaha YZ85 2 Stroke 2007/08 (Can't remember year) and I sat on it and it was just perfect. Mr. M then proclaimed he was going to buy it for me because it was a good deal and I've always wanted to learn so why not just get my own? I rolled my eyes thinking he was being silly, but no, he was not. After much of me no-ing him, and him telling me he was at least going to talk to someone about it he did. Then he proceeded to make a down-payment on it and we went to pick it up the next day. I am now the proud new owner of a dirtbike and I am VERY excited for the summer.

We went to my Mom and her Boyfriend's place for the weekend and had  little Christmas for Mr. M and I, since we'll be with his family this year for real christmas. Mr. M and I recieved a Breadmaker! We were very excited and only 5 months till it goes in our new little PMQ. Which I am now legally able to get into before he comes home! Whoop!
I spent so much time commenting it is now very late, and I am very tired. Mr. M left today for his home which I'll be heading to on Saurday. Just have to get through this workweek. Without a vehicle, that he took, blah. Here's hoping time goes fast.

Love to you bloggers.


  1. so glad you and nathan are spending good quality time together <3 i've sure missed you around here!

  2. I know, but 2 posts down now! Look at me go! :)