Thursday, December 17, 2009

CUTE CUTE CUTE - I Want need One!!!
But since I don't own a credit card I'm going to make a trip to Micheals when I get the truck back after Christmas. I feel like I could make them pretty easily. For less than 40$ + the price of shipping.

I am doing nothing today. I eventually need to pack, clean my room, and wrap but I am not doing it right now. I don't think I'll rock climb tonight either as I still feel sick, weak, and terrible. I hate colds with an ultimate passion.

Felicity + food time now.*

That show just breaks my heart everytime.**

This post is awfully short for being hours in the making. I just feel not quite ready yet to press the "Publish Post" button.

I'm thinking I should get something accomplished now...I downloaded Superbad because I felt the need to watch it again. I shall watch it while I clean & pack. Yesssss, I am good.

Goodnight & Sleep tight

* time passed
** even more wasted time passing


  1. posts that you write over the course of a few hours always end up being the best ones <3. ps i like the Pocahontas one, but we can definitely make them. glue gun anyone?

  2. January Headband Date <3 and thank youuuuu