Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Vacation

As of 11:45 am today I was done work and on vacation! I have about 2 weeks of cottages, relaxing, dirtbikes, swimming, and shenanigans. A friends wedding is thrown in there too. Oh, and seeing the fiancee's brother's girlfriend from Newfie Land too! So. Much. To. Do. I love it though. I always look forward to my time off in the summer. I have a great job when it comes to that as well. I'm going to live it up now, while I don't have a serious career or a family!

In other news, I'm getting slightly bored with my red locks. Miss Lauren Conrad had a sweet do on twitter the other day that is non-permanent and SO very fun looking! I wonder how I would do it with red har? I wouldn't want it to look trashy!

Anyone have any ideas about this? Think I could pull it off?

Probably won't be updating too much over the newxt couple weeks, definitely try to post some pics through my phone to keep you guys updated!

So much love, Tmo

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  1. I also saw this via twitter and super loved it. I just wish I had naturally blond hair because I could never achieve that look with my brown.