Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh. M. G. - The Goal List

I feeeeeeel GREEEEAT!

I have been doing the work I promised myself I would start doing on myself and I am feeling MUCH better about the 'ol T-mo. I like her.

I am going to write these down so ya'll can hound me about doing them. Bahaha... no really.

Goal Numba 1 - Tighten it all up!

Goal Numba 2 - Accept and work on my jealous rage. (May be being a bit over dramatic on this one. It's not like I turn green and grow fangs...right?)

Goal Numba 3 - Go back to school. (and do something I should have been doing all along according to family and friends!) Cross your fingers for me. *wink*

Goal Number 4 - Have an amazing summer, full of shenanigans and love with my man and lady friends.

Goal number 5 - Work on cleaning my house. I am little more than terrible at it.

These are the top 5 poeple, think I can do it? On a couple I'm halfway through completing them.

So, I've laid it all out on the table. BAM.

On to my current social outings. I'm a huge socialite...uh no, ha ha. Recently went to the big beach about an hour and a half away from where I live. Parlee Beach, had too much and got a tan, sort of. I don't tan very well. I'm a white guuurl to the max.

Mr. M's idea of building a sandcastle.

Watched the hockey game last night at a friends since Mr. M is away, and that was a blast. Tonight I'm heading to the big Annual General meeting for my workplace, free food and really boring talks about money. It balances out. We also have a chance to win prizes. I got a coupon for a 50$ massage last year!

Friday night I'm going to a Bachelorette party for 3 ladies, 2 of them I know. Getting picked up in limo, so that should be pretty sweet.

Then Saturday going to my little sis's Grad party, second one. (divorced parents ftw.) Finally, Sunday supposed to go shopping in Bangor for a couple dresses to wear to the 4 weddings I have coming up. Already attended 1. So many this year. I suppose everyone I know is hitting that age.

Little Sis at Mom's grad party for her. So proud!

Almost have the decor booked for my wedding! Getting pretty excited. We'll hit the 1 year countdown soon. Eeeeee. Ha ha.
Ok, have to get ready for work plus bring dress and makeup to change into so I can drive straight to the hotel after work to get to AGM!

Have a beautiful day bloggers.
Much Love,

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