Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I am a huge fan of Wednesday Mornings. I don't know why but Monday and Tuesday feel so very far away from the weekend, enter Wednesday. The middle child of the weekdays, who tells me it's now very close to the weekend. Sigh. I heart Wednesday.

Last weekend was a very relaxing yet productive weekend. I got re-qualified on Saturday in First Aid training, then went to a friend's Birthday party that night. Sunday Mr. M and I ventured into the city and walked around downtown. I love all the shops down there, I find them very inspiring. We made a spur of the moment decision and I bought a trellis desk which I have been eyeing for about a year! I am typing on it as we speak.

 Isn't it so pretty, I love it!
Taken from my cell, so terrible quality.

Clearly I need something more comfortable then that stool to sit on, but I haven't found quite the right sitting thing yet.

I have some housewife news! I have been doing the dishes lately! I know right?! As well, I have cooked supper for the past three nights. I feel so proud.

I need to go to work but I am going to try and post again tonight!


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