Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Morning Thoughts n. 2

So, this week I cheated a bit when it come to getting to Wednesday. I skipped Tuesday. I was running a fever with some chills and a cough. No work for Tmo! Now it's Wednesday, beloved halfway to Friday Wednesday.

My pole room looks FABULOUS! I don't use that word very often, but I feel it appropriate for my beautiful room. I have put hard work and a good pair of sweatpants into that room. I spray-painted mirrors (bye bye good pair of sweatpants who now have a streak of black on them) hung pictures/mirrors, installed curtains and a pole. It's our half craft/half workout room. It's very zen and it makes me happy. Now to practice. I will post pictures SOON.

Mr. M and I have been watching this show called Dollhouse on netflix and I just want to recommend it to those of you that get netflix. It's quite the chick flick with lots of action. It's very scifi though, so if you don't get along with shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and so on, you won't like it.

After attending my sorority Ball last week I realized how very different of a person I am lately. I keep trying to go back to the crazy alcoholic (note* not actual alcoholic, just a person enjoying life.) person I used to be but that is no fun to me anymore. I like to drink, just not as much as I used to. I'm more satisfied with a glass of wine than a pint of vodka. Oh the glory days. I also realized what silly drama ensues when girls get together and that I can't hold a grudge longer than about 2 minutes. There are people who aren't in my life anymore and I am ok with that because they weren't supporting who I am or who I'm with. On a counter note there are some people I need to hang out with asap! <3

I hope summer gets here soon! I have four weddings to go to and I am so excited to get dressed up! I absolutely love weddings, and it'll give me ideas for my own next year!

Time to go to work!
Love to you,


  1. I *love* Dollhouse. I think I watched the entire two seasons in about two weeks. I'm also a big fan of other Joss Whedon shows, like Buffy and Firefly. But yeah I was bummed Dollhouse got cancelled so early on! It could have used another three seasons or so.

  2. I'm scared cause I really hope you don't mean me? :) <3 you!

  3. We are watching the last show tonight! I'm pumped, but very sad there are only 2 seasons! I hope she is coming out with something new soon.

    Roro - NEVER. <3 you. xo :) You just live far away.