Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Night Owl - Whooo, Whoo

I'm the night owl. In my night owl-ness I have completely changed this around. I like it, not as pretty as I'm used to, but my Photoshop is on my laptop, so I used plain old Picnik. Also in owl mode I discovered this really random website with tons of articles/pictures/tutorials on it. I found two really cool pictures I want to put in a frame when I finally have a place of my own, or shared...

I think they are amazing. Here's the website: http://royaltutorial.com/ Enjoy!
Considering it's almost 2 in the morning I should really, really get to bed. This is an awfully short post but I had to celebrate my new look! ;) Now to sleep so I have plenty of energy for the 3/4s tomorrow. Fifteen children running around you is slightly exausting.

SHOUTOUT to PlaidGuru & m. This is all your fault. <3 
Goodnight - Yay Fall!


  1. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah rock steady lady

  2. :) Brad Pitt is hot! Even with that yucky old cigarette in his mouth!